Flavouring & Frying

Within the flavoring range, Aveno offers a lot of fats and oils in industrial packaging. These oils are among others used in the production of meat and fish, chocolate, bread and pastry products, vitamin pills, nutritional supplements, flavors, marinades, sauces, waffles and cookies, prepackaged meals and so on. Besides the most common oils such as rapeseed, sunflower, olive or peanut oil, we also offer more special variants: linseed oil, sunflower oil with high oleic acid content. Also soybean oil IP (Identity Preserved), without genetically modified soybean. Moreover, we offer you tailor-made blends, developed in line with your production process to help improve your end product. We give Delizio Rasunsa as an example, a blend of 50% rapeseed and 50% of sunflower oil.

To fry at the industrial level, Aveno provides some blends suited for different purposes: Delizio Frit is a high quality frying oil for average use. With Delizio Chef, you have a sustainable frying oil without allergens. Delizio Platinum is designed for intens frying and over long periods. Choose for Delizio Green to fry without palm and thus the most unsaturated.

These blends are mainly used for pre-frying of potato products such as french fries, croquettes and other specialitites. But also cheese and meat croquettes, snacks, schnitzels, nuggets, fish sticks and the like, before packaging and/or freezing.


For the preparation of marinades Aveno developed the Fluide range. Because of the semi-liquid nature of these oils, they are perfect as a carrier for herbs and spices. The Fluide range is 100% vegetable and contains no hydrogenated oils. The blends were developed without palm oil, and as little as possible or no lauric acid. Moreover it is GMO and allergen-free.

Coconut – Fat Blend
Because of the unique fatty acid composition of coconut oil it is mainly used in the production of icecreams and confectionery. But also in cosmetics coconut is an omnipresent ingredient. To produce e.g. chocolate paste, Aveno went looking for a suitable mix which unfolded in the Fat Blend range.

Stabilised Oils
The oils from the Stabilised range are enriched with the right mix of tocopherols to an extremely stable product for all kinds of preparations such as dressings, mayonnaise, salads, marinades and so on.

Release agents
Aveno offers a range of natural release agents based on vegetable oils. These blends are both employed in the production of release agents, for example, for the bakery industry, but also for lubrication of knives and cutting machines.


BIO – Organic
Organic products are distinguished from others by the way they are grown and produced. Using pesticides, fertilizers, growth hormones, etcetera is strictly governed or prohibited. This results in a product that is as natural as possible. In addition, this production method is better for the environment. To support manufacturers in their conscious choice, Delizio offers a comprehensive range of high quality oil extracted from organically grown fruits and plants. So they can give, by the well-known organic label, confidence and guarantees to their clients.

Because of the wide applicability palm oil is used as a raw material in many products which we consume every day. E.g. margarine, cookies, chocolate but also outside the food industry like cosmetics and the energy sector. There us thus a huge demand for palm oil. In order to provide sufficient supplies, palm plantations are forced to expand. This is unfortunately often at the expense of the surrounding woods and forests. To find sustainable solutions within these extensions the Roundtable for Soustainable Palm Oil, or RSPO was established.

Aveno contributes through its brand Delizio to a better world and therefore offers sustainable palm oil according to the Mass Balance and Segregated system. This via products consisting of 100% palm oil as well as processed in blends.