Quality & Sustainability


quality stamp

BRC – FSSC22000

Certified by the BRC Global Standard for Food Safety, Aveno ensures its high commitment to good manufacturing practice. Including food safety planning (HACCP), continual long term improvement, protecting the production environment, ensuring product and process control (allergens, contamination, packaging, …) and with high care for the working staff (training, protection, hygiene).


Riskplaza ensures the food safety of ingredients. It makes sure topics like heavy metals, dioxines, pesticides, PCB’s, and so on are in accordance with all legislations. It is a guarantee to customers, the ingredients they are buying are 100% safe.


The laboratory

The heart of innovation, R&D and quality checks is found in the in-house laboratory. Here, new solutions and tailor made blends are developped mainly for industrial clients looking for specific demands. Furthermore, the overall quality on every produced batch is checked and its results held against the typical values before released on the market.


Raw materials & ingredients:

Quality in = quality out.
Aveno therefore selects only a handfull of suppliers of raw material. Within a close and dedicated partnership, trust and confidence are grown resulting in the delivery of only the highest quality oils and fats.

Our eye is even layed on the smallest fractions of ingredients used in our margarines. Like the salt for example, which is not regular but high quality sea salt containing higher concentrations of minerals which result in a healthier ingredient with higher gastronomic value.


A sharp look, convenient and ergonomic handling, strength and protection but most important foodgrade. Finding the perfect combination of these characteristics in packaging can be a full time job. Therefore Aveno relies on the know-how of selected packaging suppliers, with many years of experience in the food industry.


Protecting the quality during production:

We care about the product and its quality.
To prevent the occurance of allergens and cross contamination, we decided to install seperate tanks per raw material (22 tanks in total). Foreign materials can’t find a way to our products thanks to the closed production circuit and seives with mesh sizes of 80µm installed at the filling lines.



Green production:

Along the 5.270m of electronic cables, runs 100% green power to supply the whole 12.637m² facility of energy. Moreover, the roof of the production area and warehouse is adapted to pass as many natural day light as possible, using the sun as a source of light and natural warmth.

Reusing energy:

The water brought to higher temperatures is reused for the processing vessels and for heating the tanks where oils/fats are stocked which are solid at room temperature. Furthermore the water runs through the floor of the office, warming the people on cold days.

Delizio truck Slager en Zandbergen

Highest truck standards:

Aveno has dedicated partnerships with its logistic suppliers. The trucks are registered under the EURO 6 European Emission Standards, which resulst in less CO2 emission and thus more ecofriendly. Furthermore the logistic team at Aveno tries to fill up the trucks as full as possible. This leads to as little air transportation as possible, which not only saves logistic costs internally, but more important helps to reduce the amount of trucks and thus the amount of polution in the air.

Sunflowers-High-Quality-PNGOrganic vegetable oils:

End customers are becoming more aware of the need for sustainable growth and development in the food industry. With so many mouths to feed, it is important to think of a sustainable way of growing vegetables, ensuring future generations of healthy nutrition.

The organic range offers the pure taste of nature. Plants are given their own natural time to fully grow and produce the most tastefull fruits and crobs full of magnificent oil. Farmers are taking care of the soil, garding the biodiversity without using chemical pesticides. Treating soil, plants and environment this way, results in guarantees for future generations to come.

rspo_trademark_logo_482099Roundtable for Sustainable Palm Oil:

As a proud RSPO-member, Aveno offers our clients the possibility to choose for sustainable palm oil. This via both the mass balance and segregated system. Due to its many benefits and vercatile applications, palm oil is one of the oils with the highest demands. Therefore many woods made way for palm oil plantations, interfering the natural habitat of many animals. The RSPO-organisation helps to grow palm oil in a sustainable way, preserving the animal kingdom and rebuilding forests.